The Effects of Job Stress on Job Outcomes of Employees


  • Abid Khan 1 PhD Scholar in Management Science, Qurtuba University of Science and Technology, Peshawar
  • Jawad Hussain Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, University of Malakand
  • Itbar Khan Department of Education, University of Malakand
  • Shakil Ahmed Department of Education, University of Malakand



Job Stress, Employee Performance, Job Satisfaction, Workload Pressure


In recent years, stress has become worldwide phenomenon and people from almost every walk of life have face it. To increase the performance level of employees various efforts are made by the organizations to provide them good and sound working environment. However, it has been noticed that employees and organizations are not always going in the same direction. Majority of the employees want to have minimum work while the employer always tries to achieve the optimal performance by maximizing their workload. In either case, performance of the employees is affected. This study was conducted to determine the perceived levels of occupational stress, its effects and its relation with employee's performance, Job satisfaction, workload pressure among the various employees and identification of the sources of job stress were focused. Data was collected through the structured questionnaires from various employees. Stratified Random Sampling method was used to select the respondents in order to obtain a proportional allocation. The sample size of 110 employees was selected from three universities located in Malakand division. To investigate the statistical measures frequency, percentage, correlation, and linear regression were used for analysis. Cronbach's alpha was 0.7 which showed that the data was reliable. Results shows job stress has bearing on job satisfaction, employee's job satisfaction and performance. It has been concluded from this research studies that there is empirical correlation between job stress and performance, job satisfaction and workload pressure.


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Khan, A., Hussain, J., Khan, I., & Ahmed, S. (2016). The Effects of Job Stress on Job Outcomes of Employees. JISR Management and Social Sciences & Economics, 14(1), 13–27.



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