Evaluating Determinants of Organizational Commitment: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sectors


  • Kamran Ahmed Malik MSMS student at SZABIST, Karachi.
  • Manzoor A. Khalidi faculty member at the National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Karachi




Organizational commitment, determinants, public and private sectors


This study was conducted to evaluate the determinants of organizational commitment
in public and private sectors organizations of Pakistan. Organizational commitment is
a behavior that extends beyond the functions and conduct formally required of workers
in an organization. Such behavior is indispensable because of its contribution to better
organizational performance. In order to adapt to environment constraints, the executives
now a days try to promote certain behaviors and aspects among employees that
ultimately stimulates the commitment towards organization. Hence to function successfully,
each organization is interested in exploiting factors that determine the organizational
commitment of the employee. Although there have been numerous international studies
on organizational commitment highlighting the key determinants of commitment towards
organizations and how do they influence employee behaviour and conduct at the
workplace, yet such comprehensive studies in the local corporate context are limited.
This is a pure quantitative research aimed at evaluating determinants of organizational
commitment through survey. For this purpose, a questionnaire was designed and data
was collected from a sample of 150 people within public and private sector organizations
from banking industry. Nine hypotheses were developed and tested through Z-tests.
Various other statistical techniques, including demographical analysis, reliability analysis
and correlations were also employed for data analysis. The survey findings show strong
correlations between various employee retention factors and the organizational
commitment. The comparison of public and private sector in this regard reveals some
interesting findings. The research concludes with various ways of devising strategies
which can induce organizational commitment among employees and increase productivity


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Malik, K. A., & Khalidi, M. A. (2012). Evaluating Determinants of Organizational Commitment: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sectors. JISR Management and Social Sciences & Economics, 10(1), 61–81. https://doi.org/10.31384/jisrmsse/2012.10.1.5



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