A Review of the Corporate Governance Structure of Pakistan





corporate governance, companies act, securities and exchange ordinance, strategic framework


The purpose of this paper is to review the corporate governance structure of Pakistan and identify the challenges and opportunities within the context of the country. The objective is to highlight the gaps in existing governance frameworks. The study provides an overview of the corporate governance regulations in Pakistan and underlines the urgent need for research in this area. This research identifies the specific challenges and opportunities that can assist in developing more stable governance practices and regulations. It examines the effectiveness of existing regulatory mechanisms and develops strategies to improve corporate governance practices in various sectors. Good corporate governance strategies promote transparency, accountability, and reliability of the financial market, which are crucial for economic growth and investor confidence. The findings validated that efficient corporate governance builds confidence in the business community and promotes sustainable economic growth and development. The corporate governance detailed structural analysis provides substantial theoretical implications for policymakers to formulate policies for ease of doing business in Pakistan.


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